Where Within Singapore Can You Meet During A Booking?

If you want to book a Singapore social escort girl, where are you allowed, or where can you meet the lady?

Now, keep in mind we are only talking about outcall, and not incall, as we do not provide that.

When it comes to outcall, there are actually quite a lot of different places we accept when it comes to a booking.

You can meet the lady at your place of residence if you are a local, and cannot be bothered to travel because you are feeling lazy. Simply provide us and our manager with your address details, and there will usually be a deposit for most first time customers. This is a non refundable deposit, only for first time clients. Subsequent bookings after the first one will no longer require any such deposits. This is simply to prevent time wasters and pranksters. If you live in a landed property or a HDB, then the next line will not matter. However, if you live in a cluster landed property or condominium in Singapore, then you will need to pick up the girl from the lobby or buzz her up when she arrives. Our escorts know the requirement to be discreet, so they will simply refer to you as her friend. Simple. Since our women are also only all locals and are either students or working adults, they dress decently, and like a typical Singaporean. Thus no one will know the wiser – and thus protecting both people’s identities.

You can also meet her at your hotel especially for foreigners. Since there are many travellers to SG on a frequent basis, all you need to do to have our lady meet you there is to provide your registered last name and room number for us to verify your identity and location. Once done, she will be moving off to meet you. Simple.

You can meet her at a hotel bar and pub too. Many of our clients like to drink, and several of our girls are able to drink as well. However, due to differing expectations of alcohol tolerance, please respect the lady’s boundaries if she so does tell you. There are age requirements for such things, so give this post a read first on age requirements.

As you can tell, many places are allowed for a meeting, the only exception we strictly do not accept? Budget locations. Thanks.