What Are Age Requirements For Activities With Escorts?

Something you got to know when we are talking about Singapore escort services is that the generic age requirement for both the customer and the girl is that of 18 years old. However, did you know that due to recent law changes in the last few years, there are several activities which require both you and the lady to be slightly older than that?

For instance, there has been changes when it comes to smoking.

First of all, a disclaimer. Not all of the women smoke, and even for those who do, please do not force her to do anything that is against her will.

With that said, while most of them are above 21 years old of age, some are slightly younger than that, and between 18 to 21. Even though in the past the legal age for cigarettes was 18, it has been altered.

From the 1st of January of 2020, the minimum legal age requirement for the purchase, use, possession of tobacco products, including cigarettes has been raised from 19 to 20. It has previously been raised from 18 to 19 already.

In the near future in 2021, it will then be subsequently raised to 21, and after which there will be no further expected changes.

Whether you agree with those changes or not is another matter, but please note those alterations as you do not want the escort you are with to get into trouble as well.

When it comes to casinos, do take notice that the local ones within Singapore actually only allow those who are aged 21 and above to enter. Their 21st birthday must have been over before they are allowed to accompany you and enter these premises. Even if their birthday is in this year, but if it has not passed, then it is not counted.

So, if you are intending to meet a lady at the Marina Bay Sands MBS casino, then make sure only to book those who are aged above 21.

Now that you know more about the above, this is how you can book. Make sure give the previous link a read!