Are Face Pics Or Lack Thereof Indicating Escort Nationality?

If you have ever tried to make a booking for local girls before, you will almost certainly bump into websites which show face images, and sites which do not like ours.

If you are not particular about the nationality of the ladies you meet with, then this article does not apply to you.

However, for the vast majority of the men looking for escorts here, many of them are interested only in finding a local lady. After all, they can find women of other nationalities elsewhere – especially since many customers are world travelers and travelling business executives.

There is actually a rather easy way for clients to tell her home town – that is by looking at the images of herself that she supposedly puts online on the site.

This applies to both independents as well as agencies.

Images belonging to that of locals will either be blurred out at the face area, or cropped off at the facial area. Photos which are actually posted by foreigners working illegally here are actually usually either full images (though many are actually stolen images).

While this may not be 100% true for every single situation, it is true to a large extent, and you can quite safely make an accurate judgement whether the website you are intending to meet a girl from is providing locals or foreigners – simply by looking at the way the photo is censored, if at all.

Because there are many unethical users on sites which use pics which do not actually belong to them and pass them off as themselves and as a local to charge significantly higher prices to customers, you need to use the above tip to know if the woman you are intending to meet is actually genuine or not.

Before you run out and start making a booking for a girl in Singapore, read our post on the age requirements first.