Why Sites Like TTvip7 Will Always Be Here But Can You Use Legally?

As long as you are on the search for a Singapore escort girl, it is possible that you might have catched wind of websites such as TTvip7.

At the point of this writing, TTvip7 has finally been blocked by IMDA, due to the TTvip7 site actually promoting and facilitating prostitution transactions. Prostitution in itself is far from illegal in Singapore, but activities like the above mentioned are strictly illegal in Singapore.

However, there will always be copycat sites trying to bank off the popularity of sites such as TTvip.

Most of these copycats even copy the same images, rip off articles or entire theme of the original websites. No creativity.

But the truth is that, from a customer point of view, what matters is whether you find what you want to find! So let us discuss more about that here.

Even though you will save time meeting women by using escorts, you still need to find from the right source such as us and other legal ones, so make sure to read on more about TTvip before you proceed.

While the crimes and the consequences of these sites like TTvip7 actually lie more on the operators as well as the girls involved, there is one big thing that most gentlemen need to take note of, especially since many of these men and clients are powerful, usually respected and high class business executives from all around the world, including Singapore itself.

Most illegal operations like TTvip7 do not even care about blatantly breaking the law, and not through lobbying, but just like that. As a result, since they are already on the wrong side of the law, why would they hesitate to go further and hire some underaged or minors? There is a possibility they can and may do that, and that is where you as a customer can potentially get into really big and embarrassing issues.

As a customer, the worst that can usually happen to you if the organization is illegal, is that you will be questioned by law enforcement officer. However, since there is also a probability that replacement sites for TTvip7 and more can also go all the way with their vice activities, and have minors with them, you will be thrown into jail on top of a hefty fine and freedom ripped away from you if you happen to bump into a minor with them. Do not let that happen to you by using dodgy sites such as TTvip7 or its replacements.