Why Do Men Find Escorts? What Is The Appeal Behind It?

Are you wondering why men look for paid female companions? Here are some of the common reasons why that is the case!

To cure loneliness!

Many of these men looking for one are actually in Singapore on a business or investment trip. This means that most of them are actually travelling alone, representing their company. As a result, they can feel lonely while they are travelling around the world for their business, if they do it on a frequent basis, which many businessmen and top business executives do! Therefore, they want a companion, and why would they engage a guy? They would definitely hire a pretty girl to accompany them and be their companion while they are in the country. Being in the company of a pretty girl will always brighten the day up for a man!

Some of these men want a beautiful woman by their side to show off when they turn up to an event, whether it is a public or a private event. In fact, it can even be a small meeting with business acquaintances or colleagues and they simply want to show up with a hot lady by their side as a form of status symbol. Some men see having a gorgeous woman by their side as similar to that of driving up in a super sports car – it is something that they show off.

To close business deals

Finally, some men and customers also look for escorts to close a business deal. Now, this may not make much sense to certain people, but it most certainly does. Watch the movie Pretty Woman and you will notice that the main character brings along a beautiful woman by his side to a business meeting to unnerve and subconsciously persuade the men to accede to his requests, by having a hot lady by his side to break the opponents from their usual train of thoughts since the girl is on his side.

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