NSA Relationships – Are Escorts Truly The Better Choice?

Deciding between a escort and a sugar baby? Well, our Singapore escort agency certainly thinks that the former is far better than the latter, and we provide you with the compelling reasons why that is so in the following paragraphs.

When it comes to the former, it is pay per meet. This means that if you are busy that week and do not meet, there is never any need for you to pay, maintain in contact or do anything at all whatsoever. However, when it comes to the latter, most of them will not agree to any relationship if you do not pay them a monthly retainer. With respect to this, there are definitely less strings attached when it comes to escorts.

If you want to meet multiple and different girls each time, it is far easier to simply contact an escort agency, and then ask for a different one in future. However, when it comes to sugar babies, you will need to chat them up one by one on online platforms just like normal dating. If you are looking for a NSA relationship, the former is definitely a better choice here once again without a single doubt.


If you are lucky, you may bump into a sugar baby who is not clingy. Sometimes, you get unfortunate, and she starts being emotional and clingy and wants to intrude into your personal life! The horror if that is the last thing you ever wanted. However, when it comes to the former, they are not interested in that. That is because they see their companionship to you as a job, so you can rest assured they are not interested in clingy at all. In fact, they will disappear off into the day, evening or night once the time is up, and you will not even know like they even existed before. It is the epitome of NSA relationships. They are also often more privacy focused, and so they understand your viewpoint, and have absolutely no interest in maintaining a ‘real’ relationship – that is why they take it on as a job.